Coming Soon in 2009!

For those of you that didn’t know, but happened to stumble upon us anyway…this is the new blog for Ohio Library Council’s Small Libraries Division–which is also replacing our Division Newsletter.  For those of you that must resist technology, you may find past newsletters HERE

So here’s how this will work…we will publish at least once a month about “HOT TOPICS” that will pertain to small libraries, which will be written by experts in the field (but in a fun way!).  Every other month we will also highlight specific small libraries in Ohio that are doing new and exciting things. Its a bit like a best practices showcase that all of our readers can relate and possibly take a few ideas away to use in their own libraries.  We will also have periodic polls for best small library of the year, so don’t forget to vote!

Please, Please, PLEASE! leave comments on any posts that interest you–we would love to hear your feedbackand suggestions.  Your participation is what keeps us going! If you have any questions please email us by clicking on “ABOUT” at the top of the page.

SEE YOU IN 2009!


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