Simple DL- An Easy and Affordable Way to Share Your Digital Collections


A few years ago we discussed ways to start up your digital collections for your small libraries.  Since digitization is still all the rage and with our finances plummeting, we thought we would reiterate another option for digital collections.

 Digitizing your rare, unique, brittle, and most popular collections is the best way to increase the reach of and preserve your collections. Unfortunately most digital collection systems either cost too much for small libraries to purchase or require a lot of technical expertise to set up, manage, configure and use. Simple Digital Library (SimpleDL) is designed for libraries that want a quick, affordable and user friendly way to put digital collections online.

Most clients who use SimpleDL only require 1 to 2 hours of training before they are ready to put their content online. The most popular features include

  • Hosted plans starting at $49.95 per month.
  • Images, PDFs, movies, and mp3s are automatically optimized for quick web delivery and access, even for users with slow internet connections.
  • An easy to use search page coupled with proximity searching and relevancy ranking make it easy for patrons to find what they are looking for.
  • The item recommendation engine further assists patrons by showing them items that are closely related to the item they are viewing.
  • Full text from PDFs or transcripts from audio and movie files are included in the search index.
  • Configurable relevancy ranking allows you to optimize the search experience for your collections and patrons.
  • Faceted browsing enhances and quickens the discovery process.
  • Persistent URLs keep bookmarks and search engine references valid even when you modify items.
  • Load one item at a time or load over 50,000 items through the bulk uploader.
  • Movies and audio file are instantly streamed to patrons.
  • Large image support includes a real time image zoom and pan image viewer.


You can find out more about SimpleDL, request a free trial or demo by visiting or by contacting Jacob Jenson at or 801-477-0728.


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