Ohio Civil War 150 and Small Library Programming

I just want to give a shout out to the Ohio Civil War 150 Program with all of its participants and programs!! 

**Ohio Civil War 150  © is a project of the Ohio Historical Society, in collaboration with the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at the Cleveland State University Department of History.   Much of the archival content derives from collections at OhioMemory.org, a repository maintained jointly by OHS and the State Library of Ohio.

The Civil War  Sesquicentennial Anniversary Years are upon us and at some point your library may want to do some programming regarding the Civil War in Ohio.  This site has everything you need to get started…

Lesson Plans & Activities 
Primary Resources
Museum Collections
Traveling Exhibits
Area Event Schedules
 Program Ideas

And much more…

For another option–also promoted on Ohio Civil War 150…
Our libraries (Harris-Elmore & Genoa Branch) chose a traveling exhibit through the American Civil War Museum of Ohio in Tiffin, Ohio–which was a much cheaper exhibit than the one that the Historical Society loans out.  There are two exhibits, “Lincoln in Life” and “Ohio’s Role in the Civil War”. To find out more check out their site.  Photos from our display of the “Ohio” exhibit are below.



Make sure to utilize the Ohio Civil War 150 site over the next few years as patrons (especially of smaller libraries) tend to find these types of programs fascinating and a great learning experience!



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