Some Announcements…brought to you by the Small Libraries Division Action Council

The Small Libraries Division will be hosting a Mentorship Program for New Directors, YA Librarians, and Children’s Librarians in Ohio! 

Interested parties should contact our action council representative, Jim Gill (Director, Dover Public Library) at 330-343-6123 or to be placed with a mentor in that field for one year.  The mentor will be in contact through either site visits, email, or phone to discuss concerns, ideas, programming, or just general counsel.  The interested parties can utilize their mentor anytime through that first year. 

Also be sure to attend the program “Professional Marketing @ a Small Library Price” at your local Chapter Conference this year!  (Available at all locations except North Chapter)  We will be showcasing examples of how your library can promote themselves and their services with a next to nothing budget.  Some items to be discussed include forming partnerships to design logos or promote programs, making “how to” videos for using ereaders, using effective displays, using drill cart teams, welcome wagon promotional items, using local media and retailers, and using social media and the web effectively–as well as the old paper standbys.  It will be in discussion format with Q & A at the end, which will bring out many new ideas!

**  If you would like to contribute articles or ideas–comments, anything to this blog please contact the new webmaster Erin Taylor at


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