Earth Day Opportunities!

This year is the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day! Here is a way to start your library working with the Earth Day Network for their Reading for the Earth program!

Earth Day Network is a global leader in promoting environmental education and green schools. Their award-winning Educators’ Network provides resources to more than 30,000 teachers educating for a sustainable future.

 In honor of Earth Day, Reading for the Earth™ asks kids to borrow and read environmentally themed books from their local libraries.  The purpose of the campaign is twofold: to educate youth about the environment, and to inspire them to read books more often.  All of the necessary program materials to run the campaign have been developed and are completely free to use.

 Earth Day Network will provide you with all of the program materials necessary for your libraries to become a part of Reading for the Earth™, including informational flyers, sign-up sheets, bookmark templates, posters, activity ideas, and a list of suggested reading material to pull for their patrons.

 To become a partner of Reading for the Earth™ or to learn more information about the campaign, please visit their website at and contact Deon Jackson at



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