Ohio eBook Project Enrollment



All documents for a December launch are due tomorrow! Act today!

The Ohio eBook Project (OEP) is a digital library consortium of almost 90 Ohio libraries that provides digital eBooks, audiobooks, music and video.  Instead of spending money on administrative and maintenance fees, member libraries contribute content to the shared digital collection.

Formats offered include: eBooks in Kindle, Adobe PDF, and Adobe EPUB formats, audiobooks in WMA and MP3 formats, music, and video.  The collection is compatible with many devices including eReaders like the Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Amazon Kindle as well as iPads, Android tablets and more!

Patrons can download and use digital media at home, in the office, or on the go with compatible mobile devices.  Downloads of audio and video files are allowed within the library by using OverDrive Download Station software which is provided at no cost to member libraries.

Membership Requirements:

  • Contribute a minimum of 2% or $1,000 (whichever is greater) of your library’s annual collection budget on content for the shared collection
  • Provide patron authentication via the preferred methods of SIP/SIP2 or Patron API. (Libraries should check with their ILS vendors regarding available authentication protocols, as there may be a cost involved to implement patron authentication.) If your library does not use patron authentication, OverDrive offers an alternative program.
  • Ability to provide front-line patron support (support for library staff is available)
  • Agree to volunteer library staff to serve on task forces and committees to aid in the guidance of the Ohio eBook Project.
  • Agree to share all digital content the library purchases with other Member Libraries
  • There is no setup fee for enrolling!

Once the enrollment documents are submitted there is a two month enrollment process.  During this process your library will work with the State Library of Ohio and OverDrive to setup authentication for your patrons.  There will also be training webinars held that are recommended for all staff members on how to use the service, ordering materials, and consortium policies and guidelines.

This enrollment period is a time for your library and staff to learn how to use the system before it is available to your patrons.  Attendance at all the training sessions is mandatory, so if you believe staff at your library will be too busy with other duties during this period please contact the Project Manager at the State Library before enrollment with any concerns.

Visit the Ohio eBook Project catalog at http://ohioebooks.com to view the collection, or http://library.ohio.gov/it/ebook/enrollmentto view additional information about the enrollment process.

The vendor for this consortium is OverDrive, Inc., an Ohio company providing downloadable digital materials to libraries throughout the world.

(Your library may incur additional costs related to patron authentication or MARC records, please contact Mandy Knapp for more information, aknapp@library.ohio.gov, 614-466-1710.)

If your library is interested in joining the Ohio eBook Project for a December 2012, launch, please contact Mandy Knapp as soon as possible, as all necessary paperwork is due Friday, September 21, 2012, aknapp@library.ohio.gov or at 614-466-1710.





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