Holiday Budget Thoughts

     It seems that the holidays come faster every year.  As a small library, on a small budget it means the seasonal flood release of books and DVDs can get pretty expensive. The publishers release them to encourage giving them for holiday gifts, but our library patrons want us to purchase the new titles too.
Are there good ways to engage your community in helping with those costs?  How can we encourage holiday giving to the library instead of excessive library spending? I’ve been doing a little digging and found that a lot of libraries are trying to help defer these costs.  Several composed lists of desired books and DVDs and created “giving trees”, others are selling poinsettia’s, wreaths or having a fundraising dinner. All of these are terrific ideas, but I wondered how much they actually made.
It did lead me to wondered if we could encourage more people to give if it was a “winter fundraiser”?  I don’t know if that would be more inviting for non-Christian patrons or if maybe it would help us to seem less like one more hand out for holiday help.  I don’t have any answers, but think I might give it a shot this year.  A little holiday experiment.  Image


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