Santa!! I KNOW him!

In recent conversations with fellow library directors, a good and timely question came up: How do you find a Santa for your Christmas events at the library? We are very fortunate to have a professor from Ohio Northern University (just across the street), who is a member of the Buckeye Santas, and who does all of the events in the area, and who is kind enough to do our Library’s event free of charge. So, I went right to the source and asked Santa himself for some tips on picking a GREAT Santa. When picking a Santa:

  • Ask for a background check first!
  • Depending on your Library policy–ask if they are insured
  • Ask for references (are there other places around town who’ve hosted this Santa that would refer him?)
  • Ask for a photo (recent)
  • Talk with the Santa before the event, preferably in person, or via phone or Skype
And most importantly: anyone can put on a red suit, but not everyone can be a Santa!!!
Amanda Bennett, Director Ada Public Library, OH

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