Tackling big projects

Do you ever find yourself putting off doing something? No, I am not talking about something like writing a blog post that should have been done a week ago or other daily tasks. (One of my colleagues covered that topic earlier this year.) I am talking about putting off a big project. Like new carpet.

We closed the library for just over a week around the Thanksgiving holiday this year to replace the carpet in all the public spaces of the building. The carpet was nearly 20 years old and probably should have been replaced five years ago. Yes, I tend to procrastinate when it comes to major projects.

There are so many inconveniences: closing, choosing the right company, spending a large amount of money, scheduling, moving, etc. So much easier to put it off until next year.

And, admittedly, none of it was easy. Nothing went quite as planned. Of course, there was an extra unplanned cost.

But we had everything back in place on time to open Monday morning. The carpet looks great. The compliments from patrons were overwhelming. I wish I wouldn’t have put it off.

As a matter of fact, we already are beginning to plan a major makeover of the children’s area so we can replace the carpet there within the next few months. Then there’s the matter of the floor in one corner of the building continuing to settle. And there’s the leaky roof.

I’m looking forward to it – almost.

Chris Owens, Director
Blanchester Public Library


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