Introduction to Canva

Designing eye-catching, professional signage can be very time consuming and the software can be costly and difficult to use. Let me introduce you to Canva.

Canva ( is an online program that helps anyone create professional designs in very little time. The program is simple to use and not something that needs a lot of time to master. There is a two minute tutorial that can get anyone on their way to making their first design.

There are three versions of Canva:

When you log in to Canva, the first thing you do its select what kind of design you are making. Once you select the design, the dimensions are preset for you.

You can choose to start from scratch or pick one of the pre-designed templates on the left side of the screen. It is easy to search through all the designs and to adapt them to fit your library’s needs. There are some free images and backgrounds, you can upload your own, or you may purchase different images they provide for $1 per image.


There is one downfall to the free version. It doesn’t have a way to re-use your creation in a different design template. The “Canva for Work” version does have a magic resize feature that will allow you to use your creation in a different design format.

Examples of a design in three different formats.













Advanced Features:

You have the option to blur the background or change the color tint of an image. When you click the image and then the toolbar, it will give the option to Filter. In the filter box, you will see “Advanced” in the bottom left. Click on that for additional options.


You can move fonts and images as one group if you click outside of the image window and hold down the left click on your mouse. Drag the mouse over all elements you want to move. Let go of the click and then use your arrow keys to move the group.

For the non-designers, Canva offers a design school ( of short tutorials to teach you the basics to make any design look professional. Another great feature is the option to stream designs that you make public. This also allows you to follow other Canva users and view their designs for inspiration.

If you sign up for Canva, feel free to follow our library for inspiration and we will follow you in return.

–Jennifer Ziegler
Defiance Public Library


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