Beefing Up Your Events Calendar: Successful Programming for Smaller Libraries

At the Ohio Library Council’s 2016 Convention & Expo I had the pleasure of co-moderating the UN-Program, “Beefing Up Your Events Calendar: Successful Programming for Smaller Libraries,” with Tom Dillie of Minerva Public Library. In case you’ve never attended an UN-Program, the focus is to allow folks to share information in a very casual fashion, and hopefully walk away with at least a new idea or two.

Our UN-Program was well attended and flushed out many varied program ideas. I typed up a list of the program ideas and respective library that hosted the program, with the hope that folks could take the notes off the OLC Convention & Expo site post-conference, but wanted to again share them here, in the event that folks didn’t get to see them while they were available online.

Listed are the names of the program and hosting library, some also have a name attached too. Feel free to contact the library to get more information on how you can borrow their idea for your library!

  • Puzzle Exchange: Norwalk, Monroeville, Sandusky
  • March Madness (w authors instead of basketball: Lane Library (Fairfield), Amanda
  • Transform Your Life (Unplugged – 8 weeks of programs): Sandusky
  • Zentangles Coloring: Green Co.
  • Spotlight on ___ series (includes things like Religious Tolerance or Heroin Addiction): Lima Public Library, Dani
  • Seed Library: Williams County Library
  • Cursive Writing Competition: Paulding Co. Library
  • Cookbook Club: Lane Hamilton (? Can’t read my writing)
  • Build a Better World (cook food based on your ethnicity): Warren Trumbul
  • Fun for Foodies Cookbook Club (recipe and recipe card to share): Sandusky
  • “Ada Chats” (local speakers share passionate topics 10-15 minutes, based on TED Talks): Ada Public Library
  • Amazing Race: Way Public Library
  • Pokemon Walk: Sandusky
  • Masking Tape/Painting/Monograming canvases: Monroeville
  • Goodwill Upcycle art: Sandusky
  • String Art: Monroeville
  • Archery Programs: Milan Berlin Library
  • Pop Culture programs (Walking Dead, International Dalek Day, Dr. Who): Milan Berlin Library
  • Family Yoga: Delaware Co. (Powell)
  • Lunch w/ lyrics (music in park featuring diff. bands) Birchard Library (Fremont)
  • Sports for Dummies: Birchard Library
  • ODR Hunters Education: Highland Library
  • Beer Tasting w local bar: Highland Library
  • Book Brunch: Highland Library
  • Murder Mystery: Highland
  • Women’s Self Defense (Sheriff’s Dept): Paulding Co. Library
  • Book Discussion @ Local Bar: Cleveland Heights
  • Haunted Library: Williams Co.
  • Staff Readers Theater: Coshocton

 Amanda Bennett, Director
Ada Public Library


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