Creative ways for your small library to create revenue with minimal work

Kroger Community Rewards— Your library will get a quarterly check based on the spending habits of patrons who select your library as their community reward benefactor. Setting up your library to be a benefactor of Kroger Community Rewards is quick and easy. Approximately 10 days after filling out the online form and submitting any requested supporting documentation your organization will be active to start earning money. After receiving conformation and an organization number from Kroger the next step is for your patrons to log into their Kroger Plus Account to select your library as the organization to receive the community rewards benefit.

For more information visit:

Thrift books library program–  Your library will get a monthly check for weeded and donated books sold on your behalf by Thrift Books. After signing up for the program you will be given an account login for a site where you simply scan the ISBN of the unwanted books to see if Thrift Books is interested in them. From there you pack them up, affix prepaid UPS labels on them and send them out. Thrift Books will market and sell the books and split the proceeds with your library. Any books that do not sell are eventually recycled by Thrift Books. Small libraries are often short on storage space so this is a great way to keep inventory manageable even if you hold an annual or semi-annual book sale.

For more information visit:

Amazon Smile—Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of the cost of eligible purchases to your organization. Your library’s 501(c)(3) has to be on file with GuideStar USA Inc. in order to enroll in the Amazon Smile Program. There are detailed steps to follow to apply to the program and also steps to verify status with GuideStar USA Inc. if needed.  The library must provide checking account information to Amazon Smile as they only send electronic transfers of the earned donation amount each quarter. Patrons will have to select your library as their benefactor on their Amazon account.

For more information visit:

Roger A. Donaldson, II, Network Administrator
Jackson City Library, OH


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