This blog is managed by the Ohio Library Council’s Small Libraries Division Action Council.  We are here to serve our members with new ideas that may be useful in your libraries. If you have any questions please contact the current editor, Jim Gill, at director@doverlibary.org.


2 responses to “About

  1. Pam Cass

    How do you consider which articles go into your blog? Is there criteria somewhere on this site?


    • olcsmalllibraries

      As of now, the Small Library Division Action Council came up with 6 topics at the beginning of the year that could be of interest to small libraries. We have been looking for people to write the articles…there is no criteria per se–just that they work in a library (preferably small public) and have knowledge of the pertaining issue.

      We welcome anybody who wishes to contribute an article on any topic pertaining to small libraries. In addition, we also fill a slot every other month to feature a small library and something that they have done to make them stand out. Sometime here soon, we will be holding a poll about this.

      If you wish to write for us (or know someone who does) or want to suggest a library spotlight or relevent topic, please email me at jfording81@verizon.net


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